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If you are hopelessly addicted to drupal;
if bringing yourself to bed is allways a strugle;
if your main source of entertainement
is watching lullabot videos; then you belog

About Us

Thanks for your interest! This website was created for two main purposes:

1 - To be used as a personal knowledge silo. In here I plan to make a journal of my ever growing experience with the Drupal Platform, PHP Programming, MySQL database, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, Apache, and Linux CentOS.

2 - Share what I have learned over the years with the Open Source community. I plan to make that information easily accessible and readily available. My goal is to only make posts with practical, real life examples that, I hope, will make a better Drupal developer out of you.


PS.: Drupal is a property of Dries Buytaert. We are in no way associated with Drupal.com or Drupal.org. This website is an independent effort by a Drupal fan.