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Created on 12/31/1969

Installing Drush

Play video IntroductionInstalling Drush is very easy, but installing it the right way on Linux can be a daunting task! Drush might work but you will always have a lot of permissions conflicts. So, follow this tutorial and learn how to get Drush working on your Linux distro and behaving like a tamed cheetah!
Installing Drush with PearThe first thing we need to do is to switch to the root user.... read more...
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Created on 12/31/1969

Installing VirtualBox

Play video After the first introductory video about the Drupal Development Environment series, we are going to go over the first step in getting it done.
The first thing we need to do is to install VirtualBox.
VirtualBox is an application that allows us to setup a Virtual PC. If you want to know more about it, just watch the video.
Welcome back. This is Elias Barbosa from DrupalFever.
Now, let's go back to our primary requirements.
We are concentrating, now, on the first step.
What is VirtualBox...
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Created on 12/31/1969


Play video What is a Development Environment? Why do we need one in order to develop a Drupal website? What are the requirements for you to start developing for Drupal? Why Drupal instead of Wordpress or Joomla? I try to answer all those questions on this introductory video.
Following is a transcription of this video:
This video series was created to help you setup a Development Environment on your local computer so you can safely try the Drupal CMS.
But, before we go any further, we need to discuss the reasons behind the need for a Development Environment... read more...
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Created on 12/31/1969

Setting Up Putty with SSL

Play video New Page 1This is what you need to do to configure Putty to work with SSL authentication.
Now that you have Putty installed, you should run another Putty application that comes with the Putty package. I am talking about PUTTYgen (Putty Key Generator)... read more...

Created on 12/31/1969

Installing & Configuring Putty

Play video What is Putty?Putty is a tool that will allow you to have a Linux like terminal window on Windows.Why do I need Putty?Most Web Servers now a days have Linux as their operating system.If you need to remotely manage your Linux Web Server, you will need to access it via a secure SSL connection in order to execute commands, update software, or install new features... read more...
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Created on 12/31/1969

About DrupalFever.com

Play video Hi! Welcome to DrupalFever! Here you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about Drupal. From setting up a development environment on your computer, to reviews of the newest and coolest Drupal modules. Come and have fun with Drupal... read more...
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